The world is the battlefield, make it yours


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atWar is a turn-based strategy game along the lines of Risk and Civilization in which you have to conquer your rivals using Planet Earth as your battlefield. That said, there are lots of different maps in different sizes (the whole world, Asia, Europe, USA, etc.), which gives the game a good amount of variety.

In contrast to other games like Risk, your units move freely over the map depending on their movement range, not by blocks. This means that while an infantry unit can take several turns to get from one point to the other, planes will take just one.

Battles are carried out in simultaneous turns, so no side has an advantage. This is very important if you consider that atWar is played on the Internet against people from all over the world in turns that can take from two minutes to 24 hours.

Thanks to this simultaneous turns system, you can organize battles that can last from a couple of hours (short turns of just a few minutes), to wars that can be prolonged for weeks (turns that take up an entire day).

Apart from all the maps that are available from the beginning, the game has an editor that lets you create new maps and units (although there are already hundreds of them available). Thanks to this, the possibilities are almost endless.

atWar is an outstanding turn-based strategy game. Although it can seem complicated at first, it has enough depth to satisfy the most demanding fans of turn-based strategy.
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